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Project Management

Project Management

The Owner’s Engineer

Every kind of project comes with many challenges. Apart from making sure that work is on schedule and on budget, project owner's also need to ensure that the complexity of the project is mastered and the risk in investment reduced. Especially for large projects involving many companies, these tasks can exceed the owner's capacities. In addition, some projects require specialized personnel, but maintaining highly experienced experts only for a time-limited project phase can be very expensive. Therefore, project owners need a reliable partner to support them in any issue that may arise.

GBDCx Approach:

GBDCx can work as an independent inspection company to supports project owner with experienced engineers for all aspects of a project – either as a single expert within your team or as a team of experts acting as independent advocates, to ensure a successful project completion.

Services offered:

  • Help in preparing Owner Project Requirement - during Pre-Design Phase.
  • Determining Operation and Maintenance staff training requirements - during construction.
  • Checking of Design drawings - during Design stage (All disciplines, i.e Architectural, Electrical, Structural, Communication & Mechanical, HVAC, Plumbing & Fire protection dwgs.).
  • Checking of Shop drawings - during construction.
  • Determining Construction checklist - during construction.